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A very warm welcome to the heart of downtown Sydney

And again, welcome to the Royal Hotel,

Where history merges and becomes intimately comfortable with today.

Unparalleled Location

Cape Breton is renowned for its awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Let the magnificence of nature be the backdrop to your stay at the Royal Hotel.

Our Historical Boutique Hotel offers the perfect vantage point to explore and soak in the mesmerizing scenery that frames picturesque sights of the surrounding landscape, immersing you in the breathtaking views of Cape Breton.

Located in the heart of Cape Breton, the Royal Hotel offers easy access to the area's most popular attractions and activities. Whether you're exploring the scenic Cabot Trail, indulging in local cuisine, or discovering the vibrant culture of Cape Breton, our central location serves as an ideal base for your adventures. After a day of exploration, return to the comfort of your Hotel Room & Suite and rejuvenate for another exciting day.

Sydney’s Best Kept Secret

A Place To Call Home It is sometimes not when seeking that one finds,

But a distinctive hotel experience will be worth the note.

Our unique Hotel Rooms & Suites

Will make your mind wonder.

The concept which defines one's expectation

Is held in a general setting,

Which includes a certain moment in time.

Designed with what is held in mind.

Here we offer an authentic retreat

By combining elegance and convenience to simplicity.

Let's dare to delve into distinctive features that make the Royal Hotel Sydney a standout choice for a wonderful stay in Cape Breton Island.

Because we know how our experiences forges who we are by interractions with our environment, each of our Hotel Rooms & Suites are unique.

Whether traveling solo, with co-workers, family, or friends, our Hotel Rooms & Suites offer an inviting atmosphere that everyone can appreciate.

Our Hotel Rooms & Suites are meticulously designed to provide various spatial arrangements that ensures functionnality and comfort with acute style. Have access to a shared kitchenette, and opt for a bedroom with private full ensuitebathroom. Offer yourself what you define as the perfect balance of privacy and convenience.

At the Royal Hotel, to enhance your stay, we understand the importance of great amenities and of how they enhance your stay.

Our Hotel Rooms & Suites are thoughtfully equipped with all the essential amenities and comforts required for having a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Each suite features a large window, a mini-fridge and a mini-sink, a flat-screen TV and complimentary Wi-Fi, luxurious bedding and cozy seating, Here, every detail is carefully curated to ensure you have a wonderful stay.

Experience Impeccable Service

At the Royal Hotel, we take pride in delivering premium service that exceeds our guests' expectations. Our reliable staff is dedicated to ensuring your stay is memorable and stress-free. From the moment you step foot in our hotel until your departure, you can expect warm hospitality, attention to detail, and personalized assistance to make you feel right at home. Indulge in a truly remarkable stay by booking one of our unique hotel rooms.

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