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Boutique Hotel

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The Royal Hotel is a historic landmark. Built as the Royal Hotel, this remarkable building has always kept its original purpose.

We’ve been here since 1895. This makes us the oldest established business at the same location on all of Cape Breton Island.



The Royal Hotel provides 14 interestingly unique rooms, each depicting a rustic feel by allowing for the natural beauty of time to shine by sharing its story.

Come for a stay and take part of our Royal family, for we are a very personalized hotel, and together we forge memories, and create history.

Immerse yourself into a distinctive reality, quite similar to entering the world of the old 1900’s, and witnessing its evolution through the years.

The grand lobby is always warm and inviting with its beautiful fireplace, and a massive staircase will lead you to the second and third floors. There are located the rooms and suites of our boutique hotel.

Wonderful. In comparison with other hotels, the Royal Hotel is truly unique. With vintage furniture throughout, you are transported back in time. The rooms are super cozy, and Carmen will make you feel right at home.

- Mikaela

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